Thursday, 2 February 2012

What's the Plan

There are several things I would like to do with this blog:

-Share my artwork for anyone to comment on
-Give some personal insight and tips for different drawing techniques and knowledge
-Create discussion on animation and the direction in which the industry is heading

This blog should be informative for you, but I really hope that it will be informative for me as well. I am always curious about the future of animation, especially at this evolving time of digital media, the ease with which animation can be created, and the rapid change of copyright law, among other things.

I'm also planning to show you how I draw. As much as I have held off of making tutorials (because there are just so many bad ones out there), I would like to think of this as just sharing my techniques on how I draw. Teaching technique is apparently something I can be good at, so I may as well share some of my knowledge.

You will also see some artwork by me. I have several ideas I want to flesh out here, and I would appreciate your input!

Right, here's the obligatory life drawing to get it started.

five minute sketches 2011

half hour drawing 2011

twenty minute drawing 2011

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