Friday, 3 February 2012

Codename Orion

This personal project which I have been working on during my free time is a short film to get me more experienced in using Maya. I chose an easy-to-understand premise to avoid setting up a complex story within a couple of minutes. It's a combination of subjects I like: James Bond, London, fight scenes, and coffee. Currently, this film is animated more than halfway. I intend on finishing it when I have the time.

Codename Orion: Orion's addiction for coffee has made him late for a briefing, and the sudden appearance of the dangerous Peacoat Ninjas makes this morning even worse for the half-alert agent.

Although this project is being done in 3D, I have found some technical limitations I wish I had the resources to get around. For example, I would have preferred to have Orion's jacket open, as would be the norm for cityworkers. That would have given a more dynamic, blowing-in-the-wind effect with the tie that I would like. But I imagine animating that would have been twice the work.

I am thinking about doing a 2D animated version of Orion after completing this film. I have already done lots of drawings of Orion, and am more pleased with the more dynamic clothing and hair that I couldn't do in 3D. I will post some art of Orion for you later on.

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