Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mystic Schoolgirl

Here is an idea I have of a Catholic schoolgirl with mystical powers. It would fit the usual Shojo template of uniformed schoolgirls battling evil with their superpowers. The only major difference is that it involves popular Christian mythology, such as angel and demon characters. She is called upon to be a human fighter in a spiritual battle between good and evil. The battleground is her academy, where Satan has taken the human form of a schoolgirl.

I intend for this to be a fun series that doesn't take itself too seriously. I know that religion is a very divisive issue, and despite the fact that this idea borrows heavily from popular religious beliefs, I do not want it to promote one ideology over another. There will be absolutely no promotion of Catholic doctrine, or any mention of God or Jesus.

While I no longer have a sprituality that I claim to belong to, I was raised as a Catholic, and very familiar with the religion, some of its teachings and beliefs. I also liked to broaden my understanding of other Christian denominations and saw very big differences. Among them is the particular Catholic custom of "veneration of the saints", which some would argue is a form of worshipping dead or mythical saints. I see a lot of fun potential in playing off of this custom.

For example, if our schoolgirl harnesses the power of St. Francis of Assisi (who is officially a "patron saint" of animals), she could have the ability to communicate with animals. Silly, yes! I love it. I know it shows a complete misunderstanding of religion. But I think religion has always been easily misunderstood anyway. This is just fun!

Another element I would like to include is the popular beliefs that derive from the "Book of Enoch", which is a non-canonical book of the Bible (with the exception of Coptic Ethiopian version of the Bible). This book interestingly enough, is where most people get their beliefs about angels and demons. For example, the belief that Lucifer was a fallen angel is said to have come from this book. Raphael, who is considered an archangel in Catholicism, is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible; he is however mentioned in Enoch.

The challenge is to make it non-religious. Everyone has an opinion about religion, so I am prepared for the differing viewpoints. But most people I have talked to about this idea love it. It's probably because of all the schoolgirls!

That is another challenge... I need more feminine grace in my drawing skills. This is a great exercise for me to do just that.

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