Monday, 27 February 2012

Music and Colour

Some things I had always wanted to commit to paper is the visualisations I have when I listen to certain pieces of music. The concept of seeing sounds or hearing colour, known as "synesthesia", was experienced by the composer Olivier Messiaen as well as by the animator Oskar Fischinger, perhaps even by the famous animator Norman McLaren. People without synesthesia may just as well get the same effect by switching on those  "visualizers" that come with music playing programs. I hate those visualizers. But I still like the colours I see when I hear certain music, so why not commit them to paper?

Vaughan Williams' English Folk Song Suite Movement 2 was predominantly deep vibrant blue, with slowly dripping vibrant pastels from a horizon. The blue sometimes changes to deep red. There are also a few instances of golden orange. I visualise these especially when the bassline descends during the "My Bonny Boy" section.

J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto 6 Movement 2 is a tricky one. I had explained to a friend that I visualise orange clouds slowly growing and moving, with a green sky. I think this is due to the repetitive melodies played throughout the movement. But illustrating it has been difficult. At least the sketch is up. I am not sure I have a coherent enough image, but the colours are there, and I would like to improve the scheme.

The colour schemes are definitely something that I could apply in an animation. The images themselves are not so special, especially now that we have those damn music program visualizers!

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