Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Pint After Work

I have recently been getting back into illustration, as I get enough of my share of animation at work. This picture of Orion was drawn at the start of my temporary break from work at Studio B / DHX Media. It originally started as a doodle to help me warm up on my gestural drawing, and suddenly became more of a finished piece of artwork. I may make a post on how this evolved from a doodle.

The original drawing didn't have a gun on the table. But I figured if it weren't there, it just looks like Orion was mugged. I wanted to make him look like he has been through some action. Realistically, Orion wouldn't just have his gun laying out on the table for all to see, and guns are very uncommon in the UK. Placing the gun there was more of an artistic decision.

I also would have placed another agent having a drink beside him, but no other characters have been designed yet. There is a Commander Draco that exists, but at the moment, she is just a murmuring sound at the other end of a phone conversation.

I just really like the liberties in 2D that I can take, which would otherwise be very labour-intensive in 3D, such as the open jacket, tie, hair, etc. The stylisation of the line is something I have revisited in Photoshop, and looks very similar to how I used to ink my drawings traditionally many years ago.

I would bet that you like the 2D version of Orion more than the 3D version...?

This was another doodle of Orion, done within a few hours. It's less refined in line quality and proportion, but has a more lively style of colouring.

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