Monday, 20 February 2012

Schoolgirl Action

Mystic schoolgirl in an action pose. I am focusing more on dynamic poses and movement, and this artwork was derived from a gestural exercise I was doing this morning.

This is the first time I have done "cel-shading" in years, and colouring the picture this way reminds me why I don't do it. It has the outdated look of '80's or '90's anime. Now I do acknowledge that the Catholic Mystic Schoolgirl idea does borrow very heavily from shojo manga, but I would like to try and distance the look from the typical Japanese style. There are so many interesting styles out there, and I want to create something as unique as what is out there.

I also tried a much thinner and more even line to differ from the more calligraphic lines I have tried with her previously. To be honest, I am more in favour of a more calligraphic line.

Despite all this, I do like the action. I was going for a Michelangelo's Last Judgment feel, how his figures seem to fly through air. I think the background is quite cool too.

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