Thursday, 12 June 2014

Eren Jaeger Fanart

Continuing from studying the art style of Attack on Titan, I made a fanart piece of Eren Jaeger. He's doing his generic "flying through the air, about to slash a titan" pose. I regret that I chose such a common theme of Attack on Titan art, and that I did not draw something more insightful about the character or story. Nevertheless, Eren is a fun character to draw. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

It's a Trap

While I'm uploading a few pieces I've done recently, I may as well put up another entry from our studio's sketch group. This is Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars, done quickly over a lunch break.

Studies of Eren Jaeger

I spent an evening drawing Eren Jaeger, from Attack on Titan. Perhaps if a production model sheet exists online somewhere, I'd love to be able to draw Eren and other characters on model from my imagination rather than relying on screenshots. They have very strong and distinct expressions.

Fighting Evil By Moonlight

At DHX Studio, we have a sketch group where a theme is chosen, and we create and share our work based on that theme. For May, the subject was Sailor Moon, and this was my quick entry.