Saturday, 14 December 2013

Columbia Road Market

The full framing of Columbia Road Market
Here is the rendering of Columbia Road Market, done in the style of an anime.
The original thumbnail for this artwork was made on November 13. Altogether it has taken a month to finish this picture, but most of that time was spent on painting the background. While I enjoyed painting some parts of the background, it really took too long to execute. I am really more suited to drawing characters. But the next time I get around to doing this type of artowrk, I'll have a better idea on how to really economise on painting.

I'm also not sure how the colours look on other monitors, as the colours on my tablet seem to display more vividly than on this current monitor, which oddly gives the picture a slight orange-pink tinge.

The artwork also looks alright when cropped to a 16:9 frame

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