Sunday, 24 November 2013

Some work in progress

Here's a preview of an artwork I'm working on. It's an emulation of the Japanese animation style of characters and background, but set in London. Lately I've been watching more anime, and I'm still surprised how captivating some shows can be. I was also shocked by how the detailed background paintings really add to the experience.

I've always wanted to properly render London, but was scared off by how detailed the cityscape is. It's also immensely populated, so emulating it truly would be a real challenge. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go.

The subject here is based on Columbia Road Market. Though I lived in East London, I've only been to this market once in three and a half years. I have no interest in flowers, which this market is specially known for. But I did enjoy the scenery, the colours , and the coffee.

Here is a picture I decided to base my artwork on. London is full of alleyways, and this one is memorable for its coffee, which I needed after walking up and down that market.
I'll post more as I progress with the artwork.

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