Sunday, 12 April 2015

Kirito x Eugeo: Teach Me The Sword Skills

This is a scene from the light novel Sword Art Online: Alicization Beginning. Kirito and Eugeo make the most adorable pair! If season three of the animated version covers this story arc, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this is played out.

The passage, from Kirito's POV, as written my Reki Kawahara and translated by Teh_Ping:

Eugeo lowered his head as he trembled. I watched him silently and kept telling him inside my heart.

—Do your best, Eugeo. Don’t give up. Don’t lose to the things restraining you. Step forward... take the first step forward. Because you’re a swordsman.

At this moment—

The flax-colored haired boy seemed to hear my words as he lifted his face up. The beautiful green eyes had an intensity I had never seen before as they pierced through my eyes. An interrupted trembling voice continued to come out from between the teeth that grit together,

“.....But, but, I... want, to be stronger. I won’t allow, the same mistake, to happen again. Need to take back... what I lost. Kirito... teach me, the sword skills.”

I was really touched inside deep inside my heart, but still continued to suppress these emotions as I smiled and nodded.

“Understood. I’ll teach you the skills I know — but the training will be tough.”

I changed my expression to a mischievous one as I reached my right hand out, and Eugeo’s lips finally relaxed somewhat as he held onto my hand tightly.

“Fine by me. Ahh, really, this is something... I, I, just kept looking forward to.”

Eugeo again lowered his head as two, three beads of water slid down his face. There was sunlight shining through the gaps between the leaves. Eugeo stepped forward before I could even be shocked, and buried his face into my right shoulder, letting out a very weak moan that spread through the bodies leaned together.

“Now... I know. I’ve been waiting for you, Kirito. For six years, in this forest, I’ve been waiting for you to arrive...”


I answered with a random voice and used the right hand wielding the Blue Rose Sword to pat Eugeo’s back lightly.

“...I must have woken up here in this forest to meet you too, Eugeo.”

I strongly felt that these words I subconsciously said was the real truth.