Monday, 2 April 2012

An experimental comic is in the works

I return to Ponyville (full-time animation work) today and unfortunately can't afford to spend the time on my blog as I used to have, but I hope to keep up with postings, reviews and other animation-related stuff. Since my last posting, I have been busy at work on a comic. It has been years since I made a comic (perhaps 13 years?!) as my focus has been on animation.

Comics and animation, though closely related, have such different ways of getting the story across, that getting back into making comics threw in a lot of challenges that I have forgotten over the years, such as composing the art with dialogue bubbles, making the direction of the art flow smoothly, and laying out the panels. But with an animation perspective, I had fun utilising some skills that I haven't used as much before when I made comics, such as strong body language, movement, gesture, and exaggeration.

Still, finishing this comic has taken longer than I thought. But I am on a roll with it, and really would love to see this finished, as I think the look of the comic is pretty unique. Stay tuned!