Monday, 9 January 2012

Un Altro Mostro Sopresso

It's about time that I started a blog for myself.

In the past, especially when I was living in the U.K., I would always carry a sketchbook around with me everywhere I went, so whenever I had an idea, or saw something fascinating, I would just head to a coffee shop and sketch whatever I felt that day. It was always my intention to show friends and strangers what was in my sketchbook, so I would get feedback, and positive comments. The results can be found on my portfolio website, in the sketchbook section.

But gone are the days of my sketchbooks, each succession bearing a different name. My last sketchbook (Parisian Book) was completed in November 2010. The current book (Vancouver Book) barely has any worthwhile art. This is because I have taken to digital art on a Wacom tablet, and have been quite occupied with large animation projects.

I miss drawing the sketchbook format, as it read like a journal, and I liked showing people my work to get a feel for what was working, what got the best reaction. Having a book encouraged me to explore and draw different styles of art, to keep up my imagination and develop a style.

This blog will be my new "sketchbook". I aim to get all of my ideas out here for everyone to see,  continue to exercise my imagination, and develop many different styles of art. Let's see what happens!

[This artwork dates from 2005! Trent is an alien ranger.]